Monday, December 27, 2010


It's done, Christmas is over. I can't believe my family managed to wrap it up in a just a few short days. That was awesome. Normally, Christmas is a 5-6 day ordeal spread out between going to in-laws and seperate parents, and other extended family celebrations. But this year was easy, a quick trip to the in laws on Friday night, and all day quiet and untraditional affair at our house Saturday, and a combined parent celebration Sunday. It was a good Christmas for all. And lots of mexican food for all. I thought I would never say this, but I don't want to look at mexican again for at least a week. We had mexican with the in laws Friday and then my Mom had a nice (mexican) lady make homemade tamales for our lunch Sunday. I still want to shout out random spanish terms for no reason, and take more tums.

Which all that food made me want to jump back into the training for the 1/2 marathon (thanks Karon for asking about it after I scarfed down my 4th tamale!). So I did, up and ran or almost ran all 3 1/2 miles today at lunch. So I'm back into it. Going to do it again tomorrow. Hope y'all's was a good one!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift Giving

All this shopping is driving me nuts. And none of it means as much to me as what my coworkers and I did this year for a coworkers daughter. This daughter is very young and was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and nothing has gone right. NOTHING. She is still hanging on but has lost her job and is still facing more surgery. So this year, instead of gift giving to each other we pooled our money and sent it to her daughter. We recieved a letter of thanks yesterday from her daughter. It will bring you to tears when you read how her youngest son will still be able to 'believe' in Santa one more year. She had already told him that Santa may not come (because she couldn't afford the gifts -a bike- that he wanted). But now, she can buy him the bike and she is certain he will still believe. Who knows if she will be here next year, so it was a great feeling that we were a part of a very special Christmas for them. Now that is what Christmas is all about. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 days??

Somehow Christmas has snuck up on me. 11 days, srsly?? I guess I need to get my stuff done!! I am actually excited this year that we won't be running all over creation. We don't have plans yet with Blake's family, but I am sure it will be low key. Then Mom and Dad have again combined our family Christmas, which makes it crazy insane when the gifts start to get opened but so much fun. And that's about it, no real plans for travel or anything else. Probably just a lot of sleeping in and trying to stay warm.

Update on the 1/2 marathon training. A slow week to work-out. I've been working extra at Children's and my partners in crime haven't been able to meet over here. I did the treadmill Sunday, but not very far. I am hoping to squeeze in some time at the gym tomorrow and Friday. Wish me luck, regardless if I have to be carried across the finish line I will be doing this race!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No thanks..

So we were going to walk outside today as part of our half-marathon training. It's 25 stinking degrees outside. Give the eskimo's my regards, but this girl will be inside on the treadmill.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I just can't into the 'spirit' of Christmas just yet. I forced myself to do some shopping Friday, I got my Christmas cards done and addressed Saturday, and the tree up yesterday (don't ask if it's all decorated). But the motivation comes solely because there are kids present here. I don't want to run around and not be able to get them what they want by waiting till the last minute. So if yall know of any magical christmas juice I can drink to make my ass all jolly and bright just let me know.
Also, the update on training is this. Spent and hour at the gym yesterday. Completed 4 miles in 57:15. I think I can pull this off. I am taking today off but only cuz Melf and Lohan are coming to walk with me tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Half-Marathon here I come

It's true. If you saw Mel's blog she named me as one of the followers that signed up to do the half marathon with her. I don't think I will be able to run the whole thing, but walking it is very realistic. I have had to put aside my hopes of beating my past time of 1:49 for all 13.1 miles. I think the fact that I signed up and know that I will be participating is exciting enough. Maybe next year I will be able to run it. So wish me luck. Stay tuned for more posts on our progress. We are Team Melf and I am looking for a spiffy t-shirt design if anyone has suggestions...:)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nacho Daddy

So Connor is in ATL this week at Camp Jam. Great place and hopefully the best experience ever for him. Blake's cousin Christian lives there and told us about this place. They get there and tryout, get put in a 'band', get 4 hours of instructional music a day, and then perform a concert on Friday night. So far Connor has got to meet the drummer for Billy Joel's band, and he signed his guitar case. Then he got to listen to the vocalist for the Saturday Night Live band. Not bad for a 13 year old!! Tomorrow night is his concert and his group is performing 'Hit me with your best shot" by Pat Benatar. Fun fun!! Oh, and his group is called Nacho Daddy. I have already made t shirts.